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NM Design Group LLC

NM Design Group LLC is a full-service remodeling and redesigning company located in Tenafly, NJ. We specialize in rendering a full range of remodeling services, including design, architectural, and construction services dedicated to fulfilling your dreams. We proudly announce that over the 15 years of our business, we have become a reference for competence, excellence, and professionalism. We assure you that you can have complete trust for a customized experience as we don’t hesitate to go the extra mile to fulfill all your remodeling needs from start to delivery. You have to make a call and leave the rest to us. We have the essential resources and expertise to uplift your lifestyle and experience.

Our Service Features

Water Resistant Countertops

Transparent Communication

Certified & Licensed Technicians

Full Home Remodeling

Quality Workmanship

Insightful Professional & Work Ideas

UV Coating for Countertops

High-Quality Materials


We are the most trusted and top-rated remodeling contractors in Tenafly, NJ, Bergen County NJ and Westchester County NY, offering top-of-the-bar remodeling and countertop installation services. Due to our quality work and excellent customer service, our customers don’t hesitate to do repeat business with us.

NM Design Group LLC can meet your needs, whether you’re starting to renovate your old kitchen or bathroom from scratch or updating an existing one to give it a new look. We offer the best kitchen remodeling services in Tenafly, NJ, Bergen County NJ and Westchester County NY, the best solution for your kitchen remodeling needs, and superior customer service.

NM Design Group LLC offers the best countertop installation services in Tenafly, NJ, Bergen County NJ and Westchester County NY, to make your space look great. Our countertops are compatible with all types of designs and rooms, including the kitchen, living room, dining room, etc. Call our team and request a free quote now!

Are you looking for affordable yet quality granite countertops? If yes, look no further than our proficient team at NM Design Group LLC. We are offering exceptional granite countertop installation services in Tenafly, NJ, Bergen County NJ and Westchester County NY. Call us for a free estimate!

NM Design Group LLC provides the highest efficient quartz countertop installation services in Tenafly, NJ, Bergen County NJ and Westchester County NY, with guaranteed satisfaction. Call us for an instant quote!

Gone are the days of architects drawing 2D plans on paper. People now work almost exclusively in the digital space to design new buildings, modify structures for remodeling, and review interior design or exterior landscaping before starting a project.

Why Choose Us


Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction means everything to us, so we never risk compromising the quality of our work. That's why we ensure that our team uses advanced methods and uncompromising processes to meet our customers' needs.

Attention to Detail

We pay strong attention to every little detail and start our work with due care to exceed your expectations. Our team has years of market experience backed by relentless creativity and honesty. Therefore, you can trust our work process and methodology.

Licensed & Insured

There are so many unlicensed contractors that budgeting is unnecessary and often inexpensive. We are proud to announce that we are licensed, bonded, and insured to cover all of your remodeling needs and provide you exceptional support to improve your remodeling experience.

Honesty & Relentless Support

Over the years, we have explored that the best approach to interacting with our customers is with an honest business. Therefore, we appreciate your time and money. Our team has upheld the greatest possible service standards, and we always provide dependable solutions.

Setting High Standards of Service Delivery

Finding an experienced and reliable contractor can be difficult, but you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for one. At NM Design Group LLC, we are committed to providing high-quality services while maintaining competitive and affordable prices. We provide the highest quality materials and employ state-of-the-art equipment to execute modern and traditional concepts down to the finest detail. Our mission is to help our owners bring their ideas to life. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch results that leave our clients amazed, happy, and satisfied. Choosing our home renovation services means choosing an unparalleled experience.

Benefits of the Service

Working with a professional home remodeling team has many advantages over trying to complete the job yourself or depending on friends and family to complete a home improvement project. A home renovation contractor provides all the services you need to complete a home renovation. You tell them what you want to do, and they make the arrangements. They will create a schedule, obtain the appropriate licenses, and coordinate with designers, vendors, technicians, etc., to get the job done with perfection in minimum time.


Exceptional Customer Service

Our exceptional customer services are associated with every type of job we deliver, whether it is a remodeling project or countertop installation. We ensure that our professional team remains courteous and up to date with modern trends to provide prompt solutions and answers to your queries.


Consistent Results

We cannot speak for the work done by others, only for our own. We aim to provide the highest quality painting services and unparalleled customer service in our industry. To maintain this standard, we back every job we do because we stake our reputation on customer satisfaction.


On-Time & On-Budget

Throughout our 15 years of business, NM Design Group LLC has never compromised on the quality of our service. To this end, we have completed all our projects on several occasions within the communicated deadlines and budgets. That’s why our customers are inspired by fast service delivery and don’t hesitate to do business with us again.

Serving You For Over 15 Years

NM Design Group is the Right Consumer Choice

NM Design Group experts will guide you through the entire renovation process, from your free consultation, plans, and drawings, building permits, to the completion of your home or office renovation. We are the same team you’ve trusted for your restoration services for nearly 15 years now and offer the same affordable, high-quality service for all your home improvement needs. NM Design Group specializes in all aspects of residential and commercial renovations, including custom kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor spaces, bedroom additions, and more.

Home Remodeling And Renovations

NM Design Group is your one-stop source for remodeling for all areas of the home: kitchen design and remodeling, kitchen cabinetry and kitchen cabinet design, and bathroom remodeling. We know that any job in your house can be thrilling, but it can also be annoying. With NM Design Group as your contractor, you can avail the advantages of our in-house remodeling services to work directly with us from start to finish.


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